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Frank Answers About How COVID-19 Changed Intimacy

It’s been two years since social distancing was implemented in many countries in March 2020. This affected everything we did in society, from business to worship, schools and sports, concerts and theatres, restaurants and gyms, and most especially sex. Several variants of the coronavirus returned us to social mitigations (masks!), in spite of vaccinations (which many people refused). We seem now at the point where government mandates of these mitigations are being relaxed. We’re returning to offices, public worship, classrooms, sports arenas, concert halls, theatres, dining in restaurants, gyms, and maybe also to sex.

During the height of the pandemic, especially before vaccines were available, even married couples who worked outside the home had to be cautious when they returned home. There has been good reason for caution. Six million people in the world have died from COVID-19, one million in the U.S. Anxieties produced by the pandemic have contributed to low libidos. In spite of the amount of time couples were together at home during the pandemic, it produced no baby boom. For a while meeting people and dating was practically impossible. The usual venues for dating, such as restaurants and movie theatres, were closed.

As far as sex is concerned, public health authorities were recommending solo sex, sexting, and careful positioning yourselves while wearing masks if you absolutely had to have sexual intimacy. Kissing was out. I posted several blog posts in response to questions submitted to me about these recommendations. I thought it might be interesting to give readers an opportunity to reflect on their experiences (if any) and comment on them if they were willing to do so.

Sexting was already a means of connecting and romancing among young people before the pandemic, and it increased during the time of social distancing. Partners separated geographically (sometimes stranded in foreign countries) could connect through video technology and send intimate pictures to each other. Sexting became a way of meeting people online and arousing interest in possible dating in the future. Did you try this form of virtual intimacy during COVID-time? Are you likely to continue practicing virtual intimacy in the future?

If you were able to connect in person with a partner, what new sexual activities (if any) did you try during the pandemic? In this article I reviewed a number of possibilities for intimacy. Did you learn any lessons about your sexual practices that you will carry into the future? Did you discover different forms of sexual stimulation? Or are you just wanting to get back to the traditional missionary position?

Finally, Mayo Clinic and government health departments (such as New York City’s) reminded everyone that masturbation is the safest form of sex generally and during the pandemic in particular. With partnering inaccessible, people had to rely on solo sex. Perhaps not surprisingly, during 2021 I received a number of questions about masturbation and viewing porn, for which I gave brief answers, including a question about meditating on masturbation. The following post includes Qs & As about several of these issues.

Responses to these articles and the issues they raise may be posted as comments below this article or on the blog articles. Or you may send an anonymous question that actually describes your experience and I’ll post it as a comment here or on one of the articles.

I actually received an email from a young man who broke up with his girlfriend just before the pandemic and was not in a place in which to meet someone his age much less be able to go out of dates. So he spent the pandemic masturbating and sexting. He also alerted me that sexting has become a form of entertainment for many young adults if you’re doing it with trustworthy friends. So there’s something I learned that I had not considered before. Sexting is done just for the fun of it. Also, you he advises not to show your face, even to your friends. You never know about screen capturing, even on Snapchat.

So enjoy reading or re-reading these articles. I hope it’s possible to return to human intimacy after the experience of these last two years. We need human connections and touch. But with new variants arising, we’re not done with COVID yet. So don’t throw away your supply of masks yet.


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