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Frank Answers About Naked Freedom During COVID

With social mitigations during the COVID pandemic and many people working from home, do you think there was more nakedness at home? I mean, like, why bother getting dressed?

I don’t have to guess at this. After checking a number of newspapers online in the U.S. and the U.K., I can tell you that there was more nakedness at home during COVID-19. “You Can Leave Your Mask On: Nudists Wear Just One Item in Covid Times,” the Wall Street Journal headlines a recent story. Among reports: there was an increase in memberships in naturist organizations. There was a greater use of social platforms to send nude photos. (See Frank Answers About Sexting.) I think this was an assertion of personal freedom as months went by during which people’s movement was restricted, masks were required to be out and about, and in gathering places people often had to maintain a physical distance of at least six feet.

An example of nakedness as an assertion of individual freedom was the former Communist East Germany. The Germans have always had a propensity for nudism, such as the Free Body Movement in the early 20th century. But under the Communist regime people shed their clothing in urban public parks, on Baltic beaches, as well as along rivers and lake shores as a way of claiming a measure of personal freedom under a suppressive regime. The very name “Free Body” (Freikoerper) suggested freeing the body itself from the restrictions of urban, industrial life. The naked body has been a weapon of protest or affirmation, as we see in events like the world naked bike ride for a cleaner, carbon-free environment. (See Frank Answers About Christians Participating in Public Nakedness.)

So, yes, people have taken the opportunity to exercise personal freedom and creativity with the naked body during the time of the pandemic. Nudity is a better form of social protest than refusing to wear a mask, which puts other people at risk because of your assertion of personal freedom.

Being naked also gives the skin a chance to breathe. It is healthy to get out of restrictive clothing at least once a day.

Like my post on sex during COVID-19, I’d like to hear from readers. To what extent did you exercise your freedom to be naked at home?

Did you wake up and check your iphone for messages while standing naked before a window?

Did you venture outside naked to have your morning coffee (like the guy in the image above this article) or do an early morning stretch on your balcony? With people staying in there would be fewer nosy neighbors.

Did you make a list of things you needed to do today while enjoying your morning coffee and still being naked?

Did you accept a video chat while in the shower?

Did you work at home and were you comfortable while doing so? Work at home may continue even after the pandemic since many companies have closed their offices and encouraged employees to work from home. But remember to put on some clothes for Zoom teleconferences.

Have you wanted to try naked yoga? You could do so in the privacy of your home, and even join a Zoom naked yoga class. (See Frank Answers About Zoom Yoga.)

Did you find some way to share your nakedness with a wider audience? Some women offered naked cooking classes.

Nudity should not always be associated with sex. But when it goes against the usual social norms, it can be sexy.

Did you try sleeping naked? Health experts say that you sleep better if your body is kept at a cool temperature. Moreover, it is actually healthy to get out of your restrictive clothing every day and give your skin a chance to breathe,

Men especially need to air out their genitals, since they are external to the body. Unconstricted by briefs or boxers, blood flows to and circulates more freely in the genital area. This produces nocturnal erections, which is a good thing. Your last nocturnal erection, of course, is the morning “woodie.”

Did you enjoy taking a morning shower with your partner?

Oops. Looks like he still has his morning erection. Nothing to be ashamed of.

What about being naked with your whole family? It’s an issue you have to sort out for yourselves in your own family dynamcs. But there’s nothing wrong with teaching your children the goodness of the human body by being comfortable in your skin. Many families, especially in the Scandinavian culture, have family time naked together in the sauna. Saunas are being installed in homes in the U.S. It would be an opportunity for the family to enjoy family naked time. Afterwards, the kids can run around naked for a while. (For more on children being naked at home see Frank Answers Briefly More About Male Body Issues.)

What about older kids being openly naked at home? If the parents are naked, I don’t think it can be denied to the older youth, if they’re comfortable with it. (See the “Boys Will Be Naked” Q & A in “Frank Answers Briefly More About Male Body Issues.”_

A teenage boy in Zoom classes during the day may find it liberating to exercise and expend some physical energy while naked.

The college student, unable to live in a campus dorm because of the pandemic, probably won’t mind being naked at home, at least privately in her room.

There are undoubtedly other ways in which you can enjoy your naked freedom at home. If you want to share your experiences, the comments are open. If you don’t want your name on the comment, send your comment in the question box and I will post it anonymously.

Pastor Frank

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