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Frank’s Recommended Answers for This Week

I have more than 140 posts in, plus dozens of brief answers in several categories. Some of these posts get buried in the ever-increasing number of articles in this blog. I decided to recommend articles each week from the blog that are relevant to liturgical time, the seasons of the year, and current events. This also gives me an opportunity to reread what I’ve written and makes changes in text and images where needed. Here are my recommendations for the week of:

November 28-December 4, 2021 (The First Week of Advent).

Advent always sneaks up on American Christians because it usually begins on the Sunday after Thanksgiving Day. There have been proposals to return to the original 6-7 week ancient Gallican Advent, which I address in these brief answers about Advent and Christmas. Other perennial questions concern the color of the candles in the Advent wreath and whether Christmas carols can be sung during the Advent season. These are also answered in this article.

Other perennial questions concern why Christmas is celebrated on December 25 and what it’s relationship is to the Roman winter solstice festival. These and other questions are answered in this longer article on Christ as a Solstice Festival.

As the new Omicron variant of the new coronavirus takes hold and spreads, and we have a sense of “here we go again,” I recommend a sermon I preached a little over a year ago about COVID-19 and the wrath of God. We need a new understanding of what God’s wrath is and how it relates to grace—more than I could open up in this sermon.

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