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Frank’s Recommended Answers for This Week

I have more than 140 posts in, plus dozens of brief answers in several categories. Some of these posts get buried in the ever-increasing number of articles in this blog. So I decided to recommend articles each week from the blog archive that are relevant to liturgical time, the seasons of the year, and current events. This also gives me an opportunity to retrieve old articles, reread what I’ve written, and makes changes in text and images where needed. Here are my recommendations for the week of:

May 12–May 11, 2022

The cold, rainy days of the springtime where I live has given way to summer-like temperatures. I got my bike tires pumped up and took off shirtless on the bike path along the nearby canal to catch some Vitamin D the natural way. I passed two other guys riding shirtless. Between the three of us we were an older man (me), a middle age man, and a young man. Of course, we were a minority of the male cyclists on the path, but we were modeling the shirtless freedom that all men and boys can claim in many public areas if they choose to. Many men would like to experience shirtlessness but suppress their desire because of perceived social pressure. That’s what this Q and A was about.

It’s time to plan for outdoor activities this summer. Another popular post was about my return to nature, written in 2018 when I was celebrating my 75th year. The article was part nostalgia for my youthful adventures in the natural world and part planning for my outdoor adventures that summer. Maybe this post will give you some ideas about reconnecting with the natural world of which we are a part.

Next week’s recommendations: Ascension and Space

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